These are some other blogs worth and web sites worth visiting. We’ll put up more as we can. You should take a look!

Video Game Blogs/Websites

This man endures the pain and occasional joy that comes from playing obscure old games all the way through with some classics mixed in. The blog regularly proves that he has an excess of patience and wit. He also has an excellent Tumblr that has given us a lot of old game ads and box art for our screensaver at work.

This is a blog maintained by Kaitlin Tremblay that deals largely with feminist issues across all manner of nerdy pursuits, video games included. Our attention was first drawn to her with this delightful essay about picking monsters instead of attractive ladies or hunky men in fighting games, which spoke to us given our Cammy/Chun-Li obsession. She’s gone on to write about everything from “BDSM isn’t a bad thing” to “Those Old Timey Radio Shows Our Uncle Likes” to “Maya is a kick-ass feminist Borderlands 2 character“. In conclusion, go read it.

Hardcore Gaming 101
This site is devoted to educating people about retro video games, and to that end it has in depth articles covering the story and mechanics of a wide array of titles on systems from the Commodore 64 to the Xbox 360. They even pay special attention to differences between versions of game, with lots of screenshots to boot. The site is written with video game novices in mind, so it’s a great place to learn about why games are great!

Books About Video Games

Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames by Mia Consalvo
This book describes the way that “player assistance devices” like cheat codes, strategy guides, and magazines have shaped video game culture since the ’80’s with Nintendo Power. It also features some interviews with players who indulge in different types of cheating from using GameFAQs to griefing and hacking.

Not Video Game Related, But Still Pretty Neat

Kevin D. Keene
This is the Facebook page of an artist friend of ours. His usual style lately mixes graffiti and cartoons to make delightful animal friends, but he’s got some things from when he was in college up as well that show some other styles. We like the shadow pictures of fairy tales best.


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